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Tennis BC & Pickleball BC - Court Development/Sharing Statement

11/22/2021 4:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Tennis BC and Pickleball BC have collaborated and issued a joint statement on how the two sports should/can co-exist. The summary:

  • Both tennis and pickleball are growing in popularity and participation.
  • Pickleball is underserved, particularly with respect to dedicated courts.
  • Tennis and pickleball are different sports with different needs.
  • More pickleball courts are needed while minimizing the impact on tennis courts.
  • Pickleball court location must account for sound and parking issues.
  • When contemplating making a significant change to any municipal sport facility, municipalities should consult with local representatives from all the affected sports.

Tennis BC and Pickleball BC’s joint recommendation is to:

Build "Pickleball Hub(s)"

Is anyone listening?  We hope so.

See the full documents here.

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