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Greenaway Opens!

10/13/2019 8:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The City of Surrey has opened its first dedicated pickleball courts. Yay!

Located in the Greenaway Park in the 17900 block of 60th Avenue (immediately east of the racetrack), the 8 courts are available for play. I had the opportunity to join 19 other pickleball nuts on Saturday afternoon to play on the new courts. Fantastic!  

While the courts were wet at 1:30, by 2:30 they had, except for one small wet spot, dried out. And that wet spot was gone 1/2 hour later. So drying them up for play after a rain should be easy. The surface is great: non-slip, non-skip, even the lines. 

A few negatives:

  • No inside the fence seating, and really no room to put any without interfering with play. Bring your chairs but, on busy days, expect to put them outside the fence. 
  • No water. So bring lots. 
  • The inside centre fence is just a bit too high off the ground. It’s possible for a ball to roll under the fence and end up in the other 4 courts, requiring either an around-the-fence-through-the-end-gate run, or players on the other courts having to interrupt their game to return the ball. 
  • No lights. No after-dark play. 
  • No sun protection - we’ll see how warm it gets in the summer. 
  • No wind screens - but the courts are surrounded on 3 sides by trees. 
But who’s complaining!?  Not me. It’s just so nice to have dedicated courts with real nets (very little ball roll-over), a great court surface and decent court separation.  Now that we’ve seen and played on these, I can hardly wait for the courts in Crescent Park (late summer 2020) and our own in the South Surrey Athletic Park (probably 2021) to come online. Yay! Well done City of Surrey. 

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