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Surrey Pickleball Club Etiquette

Etiquette: [ET – i – kit] defined as: “conventional requirements as to social behavior; prescribed or accepted code of usage”.

Fair play and sportsmanship are keys to success and enjoyment in any sport. To ensure safety and smooth operations on the pickleball courts, the Surrey Pickleball Club requests the following from those who play:

  • Acknowledge your opponents at the beginning of the game. If you are playing unfamiliar players, introduce yourself at the beginning of play. At the end of the game meet at the net and tap paddles and say something positive like “thanks for the game” or “nice play”.
  • Once your game is complete, call out “Court” so the next group waiting know it is their turn to play.
  • Be respectful of courts in play when walking off the courts. Wait until the neighboring court has completed their point and gives you the okay to cross behind their court. Have your group exit the court together and walk briskly off the courts.
  • If a pickleball bounces or rolls into your court, yell out “Ball” and immediately stop play, to ensure no one trips on the ball.
  • If a pickleball enters your court during a point in play, kindly return the ball to the correct court and replay the point.
  • Call out the score before each and every point to ensure all know the score and are ready to play.
  • If the ball lands on or close to the line, follow these guidelines for club play:
    • The person on the receiving team that is closest to that side or end line* should make the call
    • If that person is unable to make the call, they should ask the person on the other team that is closest to that line if they clearly saw the shot in or out
    • If the opponent can make a firm call, then that call stands
    • If neither player can make a clear call, then the ball is in, unless all are agreed that the point will be replayed
    • Do not argue. Just have a friendly discussion
    • These guidelines are for club play, not tournaments.  For tournament play use IFP/USAPA Rule 6.D (Link to IFP/USAPA rulebook)
    • *The reason for this set of guidelines is that the receiving person on the opposite side of the court to the side line in question has a distorted view, and so should not be making the calls unless it is clearly not anywhere close to the side line.
  • When returning the ball to your opponents after a side out or other reasons, be aware and try to return it to the person who should have the serve.
  • When you are not playing in a competition such as a tournament, take time once in a while to play with weaker players – they will be thrilled to have the experience! Remember, if a stronger player is on the court with you, hit to them and often – It will make you a better player plus keep the game interesting for all who are playing. If you are playing with weaker players work on shots that they can return and learn from.
  • Call yourself if you or your partner land in the kitchen on a volley. Be cautious to call kitchen or foot faults on your opponents – let them call the faults on themselves.
  • Unsolicited coaching on the courts is not to be done. If someone asks for your input, offer a tip or two after your game once you are off the court, so as not to distract from the flow of the game and/or distract your opponents.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for your protection.
  • Cursing is not acceptable. Please keep the vocabulary clean!

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