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How To Register To Play

Once you are a member, when you want to play pickleball in the Club, you must register to play for a specific Event:

        • Most Events are 2 hours in duration. 
        • The Weekly Calendar of Events can be found on our Calendar page. Special Events such as clinics, tournaments, etc. do not appear in the Schedule at the top of the Calendar (because these types of events are not weekly), but will show when you scroll down for the actual registration events.
        • You can register for multiple events, but no more than 6 days in advance of the Event. Registration closes 15-30 minutes before the Event.
        • You can register for any Event that includes your Skill Level e.g. 3.0
        •  You MUST register to play. You cannot just show up and expect to play.
        • Arrive at all Events 15 minutes in advance
        • You register for Social events on this website under Calendar
        • You register for League Events on
  • Social Event Registration Instructions

    You can register for Social events on the club website or on the Wild Apricot for Members App

    Register on the Website

    * Go to and Log In
    * Select Calendar in the drop down menu
    * Scroll down and click on the Event you want
    * Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen
    * Follow the instructions on each screen. You MUST check the Covid-19 checkbox.
    * Click on the Confirm button on the last screen. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.
     * If you are placed on the Waitlist, you will receive another email if/when you are moved from Waitlist to Registered
    * If you must Cancel your registration, repeat the steps above to select the event, then:
    * Click Already Registered
    * Click Cancel Registration. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.
  • Register Using the App

    * Download the “Wild Apricot for Members” App. You MUST use the same email address and password as you have for the website.
    * Select Events at the bottom and Click on the Event you want.
    * Click on Register button at bottom of screen
    * Proceed with registering. You MUST select the Covid-19 Waiver
    * Select Complete button on last screen. You will receive an email confirmation.
    Please arrive at the courts 15 minutes in advance of the Event. The Captain will run the event and answer any questions you have.
  • League Event Registration Instructions

    There are 3 steps involved when you first want to register for a League Event. You register for League Events on Pickleball Brackets, either using your phone or using a computer. It is advisable to do Step 1 (Creating your Account) on your computer. Steps 2 and 3 can be done on phone or computer.

    Step 1 – Create an account in in You do this ONCE ONLY
    Step 2 – Register for the Session in your chosen League (Mens, Womens, Mixed). You do this ONCE ONLY per Season for EACH LEAGUE e.g. Mens Doubles & mixed Doubles
    Step 3 – Register for a Game Day. You do this for EVERY LEAGUE EVENT

    Step 1 – Create an Account in - You do this ONCE ONLY. The Club recommends you do this before the season starts. If you created your account last year, then Skip this Step

     Signup to Pickleball Brackets

    * Go to
     * Select Signup
    * Enter email address & Select Get Started NOTE: email address MUST be the same as you use for the Surrey Pickleball Club
    * Enter “First Name”, “Last Name”, and Password
    * Select Get Started
    * You will receive an email with instructions to Complete Your registration
     * In the email, Select Click Verify to Verify
    * Complete the Form & Select Complete Account Setup

    The initial ratings that you enter in the four Skill Levels (Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Skinny Singles) must be the same as your Club Level. These will be checked and corrected if they are not. If you don’t know your Club Level, go to the Club Website and Select your Name to check your Profile.

    You will receive an email confirming your Signup to is complete.

    Select Surrey Pickleball Club as your Club

    * Select Continue
     * Select Log In
    * Once logged, Select “Clubs
    * Select “Click to Search” blue button
    * Enter keyword “surrey” and Select Search. A Club list will appear. Select “Surrey Pickleball Club
    * Select “Become a Member
    * Select “Complete Your Request
  • An email will be sent to the club so we can verify you are a member. This prevents someone from elsewhere joining our club without our approval. Once verified by a club administrator, you will receive an email confirming your account. 

    The confirmation could take a day or two. Once you are approved, you can then go back to and Login to confirm your profile is correct, register for a session or game day, and check game results.

    Step 2 – Register for the League – You do this ONCE ONLY for the SEASON for EACH LEAGUE you want to play in e.g. e.g. Womens Doubles & Mixed Doubles

    Go to and Login
    * Select Leagues in the dropdown menu
    * Select blue Click to Search button
    * Enter keyword “surrey” and Select Search. The Surrey Club leagues will display
    * Select the League you are registering for e.g. Womens Doubles League
    * Select Details (Orange Tab)
    * Select Click to Register Session (Orange Tab)You are now registered for the Session, which encompasses the whole season for the League you selected. NOTE:  If you are playing Men's AND Mixed League, or Women's AND Mixed League, or both Men's Doubles League (2.0-3.99 and 3.5-5.0) then you need to register for the Session in each League.
  • Step 3 – Register for the Game Day – You do this for EVERY LEAGUE EVENT in the SPC Calendar that you want to play in i.e. 2-3 times per week.

     Go to and Login
    * Select Leagues in the dropdown menu
    * Select blue Click to Search button
     * Enter keyword “surrey” and Select Search. The Surrey Club leagues will display
    * Select the League you are registering for e.g. Womens Doubles League
     * Select “Current Game Day” tab, then scroll down to find your name, and Select “Opt In”.You are now registered to play on that Game Day (called Event in SPC), OR
    * Select “Schedule” tab, then scroll down and Select All Game Days, then Select the Game Day you want from the List, and then find your name and Select “Opt In

    NOTE: For Mixed Doubles, you MUST have a partner and they MUST register for the same Game Day. You can switch partners each Game Day, but Pickleball Brackets will not assign you a partner.

  • At the League Event

    When you arrive at the courts:

    * Pickleball brackets will have ranked all the registered players for that event and grouped them into Groups of 4 or 5 players per court. 
    * The Captain will check PB and let you know which court you are playing on
    * One player from each court collects a scoresheet, clipboard, and pen, and records the names of each player and the game scores
    * Each court plays a round robin
    * All games are to 11, win by 2 
    * When you are finished, return the completed scoresheet to the Captain or the Completed Scoresheets folder.
    * The scores will be entered into PB by the Club and your rating will change
  • Check your Rating and League Game Results

     * Go to and Login
    * Select Name, then My Stuff
     * Select Stats button on left side. Your ratings will then display
    * To see your game history, Select Player Stats/Game Results button on top right
    Check the Current Standings or Schedule of Your League
Go to and Login
  • *  Select Leagues and find/select your League as per instructions above
  •  * Select Details tab, Current Game Day tab, or Schedule tab. They all take you to the League Session page.
  • *  On this Page, you  can check the Standings, League Info, Schedule, or you can Contact League

FAQs - League

What is a League, Session, and Game Day ?

The League represents a regular weekly event in the calendar (e.g. Mens Doubles 3.5-5.0 on Wed PM). There is a different league for Mens Doubles 3.5-5.0 Mon AM. The Session in the league represents the full season. We could structure it to represent 1 week, 4 weeks, etc, and follow it up with a new session every 'x' weeks, but we chose to make it the full season because it makes it easier for you to register. The Game Day is the actual event you register for (Opt In) e.g. you must Opt In this Tue at 6:00 pm and you must Opt In again for the next Tue at 6:00 pm.

What is Opt In/Opt Out ?

Opt In is another term for "registering" or "signing up". You must Opt In each Game Day you want to play. Opt In for a Game Day (in a League) opens 6 days before the Game Day @ 8:00 am, and closes 30 minutes before the event starts.

Must I Opt In every week ?

Yes. Each week in the League is a Game day, and you must Opt In for every Game Day that you want to play. You do NOT need to join the League or Session again every week.

Do I have to play every week if I join a League ?

No. You join the League and the Session once only for the season. You register to play (Opt In) on a weekly basis. For example, you can play 1 week, not play for the next 2 weeks, and then play again for 1 week.

What if I go away for the Summer ?

Once you join the League and Session, you are in it for the season. You can Opt In for any Game day (weekly) you want, or not Opt In.You can return later in the season and still Opt In for the next Game Day.

How does the rating work ?

There are Ratings and Levels. There is also Surrey Pickleball Club (SPC) , Pickleball Brackets (PB), and Surrey Pickleball Club in PB.

A rating is an 8 digit number (e.g. 3.76386543). A level is a 2 digit number (e.g. 3.5).

In the Surrey Pickleball Club (SPC), you have only a Level (e.g. 3.5), and this determines which events you can register for in the Calendar. For example, a 3.5 can register for any event in the Calendar that includes 3.5 in its range (e.g. 3.5-5.0).

In Pickleball Brackets (PB) you have 2 Levels and 2 Ratings. There is your PB rating, which is your Tournament rating. You access this by Selecting Players from the main menu, and then searching for your name.

There is also your Club rating within PB. You access this by selecting My Profile under your name on the top right of the main screen. You also have a League rating. Your League rating and Club rating are the same because the Leagues are part of the Club in PB.

NOTE: your League and PB Club rating can be out of sync for a couple of days after the scores are first entered.

Does my League (and Club) rating affect my Tournament rating, or vice versa ?

NO. Your Tournament rating and PB Club rating (also League rating) are independent. One rating does NOT affect the other.

How do I get to a higher level in SPC so that I can play Social events at that higher level ?

You do this by playing League events. SPC is now a performance based club and we have no Ratings Committee. When you play Mens Doubles or Womens Doubles, your rating in PB changes (e.g. from 3.11111111 to 3.22222222). When this moves to 3.50000000, your Level in PB changes to 3.5. When you complete4 games at this higher level, then you can request to be moved up to Level 3.5 in SPC.

Does my Mixed Doubles rating affect my Club Level ?

NO. Only your Mens or Womens Doubles rating is used to determine your Club Level.

If my Level in PB goes down, will I be moved down a Level in SPC ?

NO. Our Club Policy is that nobody will be moved down a Level once they have achieved that level. The exception is for new members. They get to self-rate, but if they self-rate 3.0 or higher, they have to play a minimum of 8 league games within a specified period of time to demonstrate that they are at that level. They may get moved down (or up) based on their performance, but it is a once only move. 

I'm a New Member. How does my Level and Rating get established ?

When you first join SPC, you self-rate. Anyone who self-rates 3.0 or higher is subject to the rule above. When you create your account in PB, a manager will check that your level is the same as your level in SPC and then admit you to the Club in PB. 

Why is there a Surrey Pickleball Club in Pickleball Brackets ?  I thought the Club was the Surrey Pickleball Club.

Pickleball Brackets (PB) is the site we use for tournaments and for league play. It uses the engine that drives the pickleball ratings. Because we don't want just anyone joining our league play (e.g. someone from Texas), PB lets us set up and control who joins our Club in PB. So we have our "Club"in PB, but we also have our own Surrey Pickleball Club with our own website.

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