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Player Development

The Surrey Pickleball Club is committed to providing an environment that supports the pickleball development of all members. The Club will offer:

  • Opportunities to receive coaching
  • Opportunities to receive mentoring
  • Opportunities to play with higher level players
  • Club sponsored Tournaments with preferential registration
  • Opportunity to learn coaching
  • Opportunity to learn refereeing
  • Pickleball Machine Program

Receiving Coaching

The Club will be offering the following opportunities for members  to receive coaching:
  1. One Beginners Clinic every other Saturday at the 12:00 noon session, as needed
  2. One Skills Clinic for each level each month (5-6 clinics for each level). The levels are 2.0/2.5, 3.0/3.5, 3.5/4.0, and 4.0/4.5. This will provide a total of 20 + clinics. Each clinic will be focused on a specific aspect of the game, e.g. serve/serve return, 3rd shot drop, etc.
  3. We are hoping to have 12 Level 1 NCCP coaches to begin the season, and a number of Level 2 coaches by the later part of the season
  4. 1-2 clinics per year provided by nationally recognized coaches.

Receiving Mentoring

In 2023 we will offer the following mentoring, (subject to available volunteers)

  • One mentor for a session at each level bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks). The mentors will focus primarily on observing your game and offering the tips that will most improve your game. These will not be instruction-type sessions.
  • The mentors will float between courts as needed, such that everyone who wants some mentoring receives the mentoring in each session.

Playing with Higher Level Players

 NEW - Higher level players will play one level down (e.g. 5.0s will play with the 4.0/4.5s) in a paired format.

  • This format has 2 higher level players playing against 2 lower level players. This prevents the disadvantage of the standard format (where a 3.5/4.0 pair play against another 3.5/4.0 pair, and most of the balls are played to the 3.5 players)
  • The goal is to have one of these sessions for each level every once/month. It is dependent on enough volunteers to play down one level. We will encourage all members to volunteer for this at least once in the season by pointing out that someone is also volunteering to play down for them.
  • The volunteers will rotate throughout the session so that most session players get a chance to play against a stronger pairing. The volunteers will provided tips throughout and/or after the game.
  • If you want to volunteer to play down for some sessions, send an email to


The Club is sponsoring 4 tournaments in 2023 at its home site (South Surrey Rec Ctr Outdoor Courts). You can register for them on SPC members will be given preferential registration times.

  1. Spring Launch (open to Club Members only) - May 6, 2023
  2. Youth Tournament - July 13, 2023
  3. Mid-Summer Slam (sanctioned) - July 14-16, 2023
  4. Grip n Rip (sanctioned) - September 1-3, 2023

Learning to Coach

Pickleball Canada, through Tennis Canada, is now offering NCCP Pickleball Coaching Clinics nationwide. Level 1 (offered already) certifies you to coach beginners, and Level 2 (being offered mid-summer) certifies you to coach intermediate pickleball players. Surrey Pickleball Club will offer certified coaches who are also members, the opportunity to gain coaching experience through the Club. The Club will also offer selective/partial fee reimbursements in exchange for volunteer coaching under the auspices of the Coaching Program.

Learning to Referee

Members will be provided with opportunities to take referee clinics, and to practice their refereeing skills and knowledge in club games and in club sponsored tournaments.

.Pickleball Machine

Thanks to a generous Pickleball Superstore, SPC is acquiring a pickleball machine for the Club this year. We are developing a plan such that it will be available for the coaches and/or the mentors, under a managed program. Usage will be subject to defined rules and responsibilities.

The purpose of the machine is to provide an opportunity for members to practice various skills repetitively, thereby improving their game.

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